How to switch to green energy?

The main benefit of using green energy is its low impact on the environment. This type of energy also offers an excellent alternative to the increasing scarcity of resources used by humans.

What is green energy?

When we talk about green energy, we often refer to 2 specific characteristics: renewable and clean. Renewable or green energy is indeed derived from sustainable sources. These are inexhaustible in terms of abundance and because they are replenished more quickly compared to their number of uses. This is not the case with fossil fuels: oil, natural gas, and coal. These natural resources are threatened with depletion due to their excessive extraction and intensive use. Green energy is clean, as it is very little, if not non-polluting in its production and consumption. It clearly emits a lower amount of CO than other energy sources, almost zero for some types.

The main types of green energy

The 3 main green energies are hydropower, solar power and wind power. Hydropower is still the most popular, but also the most cost-effective of them all. The energy which comes from a stream of water is captured in order to generate power. The water is forced to rise in pressure to produce energy. It is stored in dams or reservoirs and then released by creating openings in these dams, which then produces pressure. Solar energy is one of the most popular ways of producing green electricity. Solar panels capture the sun's rays and convert them into electricity that can be used directly. Wind power is powered by the wind. In this mechanism, an internal rotor turning a generator produces electricity. However, it should be noted that many wind turbines are needed to have a significant impact.

Green electricity and gas

Green electricity is produced from renewable energy sources. It is usually produced from hydro, wind, and solar energy. The same grid that carries nuclear electricity then carries it for use in many homes. Green gas, on the other hand, is often known for its much lower cost than natural gas. It is a clean renewable energy source and is also known as renewable gas or biogas. It is produced by fermenting organic material such as household or agricultural waste and then collecting it in a closed tank. These organics are heated, which later leads to the formation of the gas. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose the best way of switching to green energy.
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