Energy Saving

Energy-saving: what are the benefits of the wood stove?

While also looking great, today’s wood-burning stoves are excellent sources of heat. You can set one up almost anywhere in the house, as long as it is possible to install the ventilation ducts. If you are considering buying a heater…

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How to set up a temperature conditioning system?

The best way to save energy is to optimise the use of electronic devices daily. Indeed, there are now systems designed to regulate your energy consumption. In this piece, we focus on the temperature controller, an important device whose main…

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How to save energy at home?

Saving energy at home is possible and easier than it seems. All you need to do is adopt certain habits. Consistency is the key to success and the following tips can help you save a few euros on your energy…

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When is it best to change your energy supplier?

You are thinking of changing your energy supplier, but you don’t know when the best time to do it is? Is it possible to do it at any time or is there a right time? How exactly does one proceed…

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How to limit your power consumption at home?

Homes are often very energy-intensive. Indeed, the bigger the household, the higher the bill. Large hot water tanks, several cast iron radiators, and big heat consumption all add up. It should be noted that gas heating provides a comfortable temperature…

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