Energy renovation: why you should start with the attic

Published on : 24 January 20223 min reading time
A house will experience heat loss in every wall that connects to the outside. Consequently, walls, windows, floors, and especially roofs are sources of massive energy loss and soaring heating costs.

Why you should undertake energy renovation as soon as possible

The prospect of energy renovation projects can be a worrying one due to budget issues, administrative formalities for obtaining help, working hours, etc. But renovating your home is a way to make it more efficient, healthier, and less of a financial burden. This is usually the main motivation for undertaking such projects. Since a well-insulated home does not consume much energy, the initial financing should ultimately help you save money. Enjoy thermal comfort all year round. The renovated house allows you to enjoy a better heat distribution in winter and a milder climate in summer. In addition, it is a great opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint as improving thermal efficiency helps protect the environment.

Energy-efficient works: where to start?

Investing in a high-performance heating system with a programmable thermostat helps you save energy and money. But if the heat escapes through the attic and roof, everything turns into a big waste. Did you know that the roof accounts for at least 30% of the heat leakage from a house? This is by no means insignificant! Insulating your attic and roof is thus not just one of the many energy renovation options: it is a priority! Is your geographical region warm? This is not a valid excuse, insulation is indeed almost as much about heat as it is about heatwaves! If you want to renovate your house, insulation is the place to start! Once the latter is complete, all subsequent investments will become more efficient and more cost-effective.

How do you insulate your attic and loft space?

The insulation requirements are not the same whether you have a convertible attic or a non-convertible one. In either case, attic insulation is usually done from the inside. Often, the insulation of a converted attic is done in the form of rolls or sheets that are immediately attached to the inside of the roof. This is expensive but more practical and easier to do for loft insulation. Therefore, it is often done by blowing foam onto the floor of the lost attic.

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