Can you heat your home with green energy?

In these difficult times, people are more and more becoming up-to-date with the environmental issues surrounding them. Indeed, society is increasingly looking for ways to mitigate environmental damage. Most people have now adopted sustainable attitudes with economic benefits and solar heating is a solution that perfectly illustrates this awareness...

The sustainability of solar water heating

When installing a solar water heater in your home, you are using a sustainable source of energy with no significant negative impact on the environment. Depending on the region, country, and local climate, sunlight can usually be used on a daily basis, most of the year. Water heating using this method is an excellent alternative to other types, as it uses a clean, sustainable and renewable source, proving to be an environmentally friendly option. The benefits are not only reflected on the household energy bills but also on the national and even global scales. By using solar water heating, you contribute to the diversification of the energy resources and relieve yourself from electricity dependence, thus reducing the need to produce energy through unsustainable means such as thermoelectric power plants.

More comfort for you and your family!

Solar water heaters offer greater user comfort. Depending on the capacity and type of solar thermal tank chosen, showers can be taken with a higher water flow rate and pressure and with maximum temperature stability, all of which contribute to a relaxing and comfortable bath. Even systems with small, low-pressure tanks still allow for more comfortable showers than those obtained with an electric shower. For instance, the water flow rate and temperature are reversed: increase the water flow rate and the water tends to get colder.

Reducing power consumption in your home thanks to solar energy

The energy costs of heating water are usually very significant. In some cases, they can reach up to 40% of the total energy consumption of a house! Therefore, heating systems such as thermal solar heating should be used to as they present a good return on investment. However, for the savings to be of big benefit, the system must be properly sized according to the consumer's needs and appropriately installed by a qualified professional.
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